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Scraporium and Outlet Store in Tampa, FL

Welcome to Scraporium, home of Tampa’s first scrapbooking specialty store. We opened our doors November 1998 and have since been supplying Tampa scrapbookers with all their scrapbooking needs, one embellishment at a time.

Denise Hopkinson started her small scrapbooking store in 1998 when scrapbooking was just starting to take off. Life was great in the small 800 square foot shop where Mrs. Grossman and Frances Meyer reigned queens and the toughest option was whether to get an 8 1/2x11 or 12x12 album.

Scraporium and Outlet Store in Tampa, FL

We quickly grew out of that space and moved further down Florida Ave to a larger spot with lots of shopping space, a large crop room, and a huge kid’s play area. Scrapbooking was the number one hobby in America, business was great, and classes were plenty. The store continued to grow and scrapbooking simply exploded!

Denise decided to take her dream further by purchasing a small strip mall down the street from her current location to house her popular scrapbook shop. By January 2003, the shop was moved to the new location and we’ve been there ever since.

Scraporium and Outlet Store in Tampa, FL

Despite three moves, a recession, and few bumps along the way, we are still going strong! Scrapbooking has become more of a way of life rather than just a hobby and we absolutely love it. Rather than fight the downward economy, we have chosen to embrace it by offering great prices and a large outlet section in the store where customers can find items 50% - 75% off. We still have a great selection of all the latest and greatest scrapbooking supplies and receive shipments weekly.

Scraporium and Outlet Store in Tampa, FL

Our friendly staff can help you find just what you are looking for and we also offer a wide variety of classes for inspiration. We have a fantastic crop space next door to the shop for classes, crops, and special events. There’s always something going on at Scraporium from our weekly specials to our fun events so browse around our store to see what’s going on and don’t forget to stop by, we’d love the opportunity to serve you!